pinkninjasourcenewI’m Jayne aka the Pink Ninja! I’m based in the city of Sunderland but I work remotely allowing me to help people all over the world free up their time.

I started working as a virtual assistant in 2011 specialising in helping people within the fitness industry and I loved the rush helping other people gave me!

From my beginnings doing admin work and writing emails I found a love for all things geeky, I ventured into making websites which are custom designed so that my clients can edit them right through to specialised marketing plans and the day to day jobs such as writing newsletters and designing flyers.

I may be the assistant you’ll never see but one of the main advantages of having a virtual assistant is that I don’t only work during office hours you can contact me day or night whenever suits you. I like to keep the personal touch and understand the trust that people put in me; confidentiality is what I pride myself upon.
I have a passion for health and fitness and while I loved starting out within the fitness industry I quickly realised how many people outside of it could benefit from my services; so whatever your business don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Why the Pink Ninja?

It all started at a pub quiz*, my team which consisted of me and a good friend. We named ourselves The Pink Ninja & The Kiwi, I had pink hair and Andy had a head that was shaved and felt like a kiwi! When I set up my business there really couldn’t be another name. Years and many hair colours later that is still our pub quiz name and I still love it!

*We rarely won, “the round table” with their 8 strong members and combined age of 3304 usually out did us.


If you got this far into reading an about section well done! Here are some pics of me; one as The Pink Ninja, one as a Blue Ninja and one in a sombrero looking very philosophical!